The “Kids. Create. Community. Workshop” Program is a youth-focused community engagement program that promotes creativity, literacy skills and social responsibility.

Working as a group, students will have the opportunity to work hands-on in creating a Sweet Blackberry film. By following the Sweet Blackberry model, mentors will guide the students through the process of writing, art directing, illustrating, animating, and creating a marketing strategy for the film they create.

Students in this program will also have the opportunity to become published authors and create fun and engaging historical books about African American history for younger children. Students will research historical figures, go through the pre-writing, writing, proofreading and editing process of writing a story, create illustrations, and finally see their finished product in a paperback format. After the books are published, students will have the opportunity to read their stories to the younger children in an end –of-program celebration.

By successfully completing the “K.C.C. Workshop” Program and reading their original stories out loud, students become positive role models to young boys and girls.

School Visits

Karyn Parsons, Sweet Blackberry Founder and President, well known for her role of as Hilary Banks on the long-running television show, “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” will come to your school to share triumphant stories of individuals surmounting the odds and making invaluable contributions to our society.

These American stories are inspirational and empowering, but rarely taught in our schools due to a lack of time and resources.  Sweet Blackberry’s stories illustrate for our children the concept that tremendous obstacles are actually opportunities for greatness! Children of all races and ethnicities feel a sense of shared history when they learn about the real people whose lives and work impact their everyday lives.

School visits are tailored to each audience.  Themes addressed include surmounting the odds, African American history, inventors and their inventions, as well as story-telling, creative writing, and film making.  School visits include:

  • DVD viewing
  • Interactive discussion and Q&A session with Karyn Parsons
  • Hands on project
  • Teacher’s guide

To learn more about School Visits, please contact Sweet Blackberry at